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Matthew Waritay Guah is Associate Professor for Management and Director of MBA Program in the School of Business at Claflin University. He teaches Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Business Communications, and Business Research Methodology (using SPSS). Dr. Guah's research involves IT impact on industry practices (specifically, healthcare management, and accountability in the financial sector, improvements in the transportation and environmental sectors) as well as the alarming cost of Project Management. His work is based on several theories (including institutional theory, socio-economic, risk management, project management, escalation and de-escalation and corporate social responsibility). He regularly conducts seminar presentations in USA, Europe and Africa. Dr. Guah supervises 20 students annually during their thesis writing process, covering various topics in business, healthcare, management, and IT.

Prior to joining Claflin, Guah was an Assistant Professor in the School of Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He has taught in both traditional and online learning environments and has experience in curriculum and program development. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and conducting research, Dr. Guah oversees the MBA program, introducing new strategies for increasing enrollment which saw a significant level of decrease prior to his appointment.

Dr. Guah's industry experience encompasses both technical and management expertise. His background includes executive IT management and all aspects of software development - analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, maintenance and project management. He frequently draws on his industry experience in the classroom to help reinforce ideas and add context to the concepts.

English : Native speaker, very fluent in written and oral.
French : Basic oral skills
Chinese : Very basic oral
Dutch : Very basic oral

Ph.D. (2006) : Warwick Business School, Warwick University (UK)
Thesis : Information Systems Strategy in National Health Service: Reforming Large
Research Institutions with Emerging Technologies

MSc. (1998) : University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UK)
Major : Technology Management
Minor : Healthcare Systems Implementations

BSc. (1996) : Salford University (Manchester - UK) with Honours
Major : Information Technology
Minor : Healthcare Information Systems

Selected Publications
Guah, MW (2014) 'Enterprise Information Systems: Theory and Real Cases. (Forthcoming)
Guah, MW (2011) "Healthcare Delivery Reform and New Technologies: Organizational Initiatives". An edited book published by Information Systems Research, USA. (ISDN: 978-1609601836)
Guah, MW (2009) "Managing Very Large I.T. Projects". Single authored book published by Information Systems Research, USA. (ISDN: 978-1599045467)
Guah, MW, & Currie, WL (2006) ''Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services". An edited book published by IRM Press, USA. (ISDN: 978-1591407638)

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JOURNAL PAPERS Yapa, P.W. & Guah, MW (2012) "Public Sector Accounting and E-governance in Developing countries: Case of Sri Lanka". Journal of Asia Pacific Business, 13(1), 37-58.
Guah, MW & Joseph, RC (2012) 'Analysis of RFID Technology usage for Luggage Management in the Airline Industry'. International Journal Technology & Management. Volume 11, Number 3, pp.240-255.

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