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Kenneth Michael Stokes, PhD

PhD. Social and Political Thought, York University, Toronto. 1990
M.A. Economics, York University, Toronto. 1980
B.A. Economics, York University, Toronto. 1979

2011 - Dean, Visionary Leadership Institute, Claflin University
2008 – Chief International Affairs Officer &Executive Director. Institute for (International) Innovation Management.
2009- Commissioner,Standing Commission on North American Prosperity & Coordinator, Liaison to Club de Madrid. Commission is chaired by Vicente Fox Quesada, former President of the Republic of México.
2006 – 2011 Dean, Tillman School of Business, Mount Olive College
2002-2005 Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Minot State University
2001-2002. International Inter-University (Graduate) Program Coordinator (Interim) and Scientific Committee Member. Program de recherche pour les sciences de l’homme et de la société. Université de Rennes, France.
1989-2002 Associate Dean & President’s Counsel. Graduate School of International Relations, International University of Japan
1983-1989 InternationalResearch Program Director/Aide Spécial de L’Conseil Scientifique International, L’Institut de la Vie. Joint appointment with Economics Research and Systems Planning Group & Institut de la Vie

Fund raising planning and implementation in support of the “Asia-Pacific Alliance for Innovation” of $7,500,000. 2011
Fund raising initiative in collaboration with European Investment Trust, mentored by the Office of the prime minister of Ireland and in support of Czech Innovation Investment Fund of €110,000,000. 2010
Fund raising pre-planning in collaboration with delegates the foreign and interior ministries of the littoral states of the Black Sea and World Bank’s International Finance Corporation of €476,000,000. 2010- ... and c. 5 others as principle investigator or research manager

2012- Professor of Economics, Dean, Visionary Leadership Institute, Claflin University
2006-2010 Professor of Economics, Tillman School of Business, Mt. Olive College.
2002-2005 Professor of Economics, Minot State University.
1989-2002 Professor of International Political Economy, Graduate School of International Relations, International University of Japan. (Advanced from Assistant Professor)
2001-2002 Member, Scientific Steering Committee, Program de recherche pour les sciences de l’homme et de la société, Université de Rennes.
2000-2002 Research Economist. International University of Japan Research Institute.
1998 – Senior Fellow, Gennady M. Dobrov Award, STEPS Center, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
1995-1996 Senior Research Fellow. Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto.
1992-1995 Member, Foundation for Advanced Studies, Moscow.
1991- Member, Moscow Energy Club, Institute for Systems Studies, Moscow.
1983-1995 Corresponding Member, USSR/Russian All Academy of Sciences Computer Centre, Moscow.
1983 Research Economist, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria.
... and c. 5 others

Books & Manuscripts:
A Metatheoretical Discourse: Epistemological, Procedural, and Methodological Issues in Political Economy. Toronto: INAPE, 1999. Hybrid CD-ROM. Multimedia. Index. Bibliography. Appendices.
Paradigm Lost: A Cultural and Systems Theoretical Critique of Political Economy. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1995. 424 pages. Index. Bibliography.
Man and the Biosphere: Toward a Coevolutionary Political Economy. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1992. Honored by the American Choice 1994 - Best Academic Book Award. 375 pages. Figures. Index. Bibliography
A Critique of Economic Reason. Tokyo: International University of Japan, 1992. 195 pages.
Paradigm Change in Economic Thought: From Physiocracy to Bioeconomics. Toronto: York University, 1989. 451 pages. Figures. Index. Bibliography.

Chapters, Papers, Presentations, & Research Memorandum:
Yegorov, Igor & Stokes, K. “Foresight and Innovation Policy in Ukraine in the 2000s” International Journal of Foresight Studies, forthcoming special edition 2011.
“Clusters and Innovation-based Economic Development in the Czech Republic.” Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, (May 2010).
“Global Open Innovation Systems, Mega-Clusters and the Knowledge-based Economy” International Conference for the Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucasus and Baltic States. UNESCO. Chisinau, Moldova (September 2008).
“Network Intermediaries in Peripheral Regional Systems of Innovation.” International Symposium on the Integration of Science and Education as a Key Factor for Building up the Knowledge-based Society,” Kyiv, Ukraine (October 2007).
“Coevolving Open Innovation Systems”. Invited presentation, Universidad de Marista de Merida. International Seminar, Merida, México (October 2007).
“Surrogate Reality and Pathological Models,” Invited presentation, Western Oregon University, (2005).
“Strategic Enrollment Management Retention and Revenue Composition,” Invited presentation, Indiana Institute of Technology, (2005).
... and c. 50 others

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